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<title>Setup Simple ppC++ Guestbook</title>
<script language=JavaScript>
function check_n_submit(){
				 if(document.pwdform.password1.value !=
				 		document.pwdform.password2.value )
						    alert("Passwords do not match!");
				else document.pwdform.submit(); 				
     if(ppc.save_file("password.cgi", ppc.password1)){?>
		    Done!</h1>Now go to <a href='index.ppc.cgi'>index.ppc.cgi</a> -
				default guestbook page. <br>
				<span class=ered>
				ATTENTION! The file "setup.ppc.cgi"(this one!) must be deleted for secure reasons.
				It is strongly recommended that you delete(or place it anywhere out of "cgi-bin"
				directory) IMMEDIATELY after you leave this page, otherwise every visitor could change your password.
		    ERROR WRITING FILE!!!</h1>Check permissions and read-only attributes.
Welcome to Simple ppC++ Guestbook Setup!</h1>
<form action='<?=ppc.__FILE?>?setup=on1' name=pwdform method=POST><br>
<p>This will install basic, but very fast and
easy-editable guestbook.<br>
The only thing we need for installation is an administrator
<input type=password name=password1 class=entry><br>
<input type=password name=password2 class=entry><br>
<input type=button value='Finish' class=entry onclick='check_n_submit()'>
If you want to customize this guestbook
- install <a href=http://ppc.take-1.biz>
ppC++ HTML-embedding preprocessor</a>.<br>Don't
worry - ppC++ scripts are simple as HTML!

General Public License
2003 © ppC++ team