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· Downloading ppC++

First you need to install web-server(Apache >2.0). If you don't know what is web server and how to configure it, download and install XAMPP(windows/linux).

ppC++ for Windows:
· 0.48.2  · [2026 Kb] ·
· 0.44.6  · [2026 Kb] ·
ppC++ for UNIX:
· 0.48.2 Linux Binaries  · [95 Kb] · how to install
· 0.48.2 complete sources  · [35 Kb] · how to compile
IMPORTANT for Windows users:
ppC++ for windows can be installed only as cgi-version - without ppc auto-run.

You may also want to use some popular web tools, like regular expressions or databases. You can use your favorite C++ packages, but if you are not sure, check out some links here:
· PCRE - Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
· mySQL - Open Source Database - (C API here)
 To configure ppC++ for compilation with libraries, you may need to change a command line arguments sent to GCC compiler by ppC++. To do this, go to Settings menu in your ppC++ web compiler and change the arguments as it is shown in an example below (see highlited items):

ppC++ settings
cgi-bin web directory
cgi-bin root directory
gcc/g++ compiler
gcc/g++ arguments
clear source trash
Administrator password:

You can find more detailed g++ argument options list here.

How to install ppC++ on UNIX system(Apache)

  • After you have downloaded the binaries, unpack it into your default html directory(for example /var/www/):
        ...]tar xvfz ppc.0.48.setup.tar.gz -C /var/www/
  • Start your server
  • Run "setup.ppc.cgi" from the web browser and follow the instructions

How to compile ppC++ on UNIX system

Compilation of ppC++ is very easy:

1. Compile "compile.cpp": ...]#g++ compile.cpp -o compile 2. Run "compile": ...]#./compile You will see something like:
ppC++ compilation
	compilng "ppcdata/run.cgi"...
	compiling "setup.ppc"...
That is all! ppC++ is compiled!
Now run "setup.ppc.cgi" from web-browser to complete the installation of ppC++. Note: http server must be started. Enjoy!

If you have compiled this sources for some operation system/platform that is not listed at ppC++ download page, please let me know.

12 Mar, 05 - ppC++ 0.48 is released! - now - for UNIX systems!
ppC++ for UNIX is released. Now you will never have to worry about compilation - run your scripts typing its path and name directly in a browser address line, like if it were simple HTML pages!
28 Feb, 05 - ppC++ 0.44.6 is released! - core bugfixes
02 Feb, 05 - examples page opens! - here you could find(and eve3n add!) some example scripts for ppC++ compiler. It is empty now, but only for a little while... ;)
19 Jan, 05 - ppC++ 0.44.4 is released! - generaly bugfixes, but also some improvements...
13 Dec, 04 - ppC++ 0.44 is released! - some additional functions and synonyms :)
18 Nov, 04 - ppC++ is sourceforged! - ppC++ was published at - the world\'s largest Open Source software development website.
07 Oct, 04 - ppC++ web compiler released! - forget about annoying manipulations on your ppC++ scripts - now with smart and user-friendly ppC++ web compiler you can compile and run ppC++ scripts directly from browser window!
download ppC++ web compiler here.
05 Oct, 04 - Fixed bug: parser had a problem with passing quotes stings. - ppC++ parser had a serious bug in the core - it was confused with too hardly escaped quotes. Now it\'s fixed.
02 Oct, 04 - Optimizing... - the most problematic function in the parser(which divides the script to main and other functions) was almost absolutely re-written. Now it looks not as clear as before, but works much faster! - open source download server
ppC++ at

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